Off-road tires for Trucks or SUV s

Best in class off-road tires for SUV's & Trucks

Super Swampers are a more aggressive form of mud tires that you can buy and they are also off-road tires for SUVs and Trucks. Clearly, if you do too much off-roading on mud, sand, or other types of loose surfaces. These tires are a perfect choice for your Off-Roading Beast.
However, they run out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-roading vehicle is also your daily drive. Pull up a lift kit, buy a set of these bad boys and you’re all set to face anything.

BFGoodrich manufactures a wide range of off-road tires for Trucks and SUVs and all-terrain tires. Helps Maintain a solid balance between off-road traction and road stability.
Tough sidewalks mean you don’t have to roll over and be stunned when cornering
Cobblestone roads and a nice chunky trade pattern mean you can still get traction on country roads.

Goodyear Fierce Attitude M / T Off-Road Tires

off-road tires

Launched in 2009, Goodyear’s Fierce Attitude M / T is designed to deliver improved performance without sacrificing the on-road performance in muddy and loose terrain. These belong to the so-called mid-range in terms of price and are great value for money without some downside possessed by other entry-level budget tires.

Mickey Thompson Baja Cl TTC radial off-road tires

Mickey Thompson makes great off-road tires that are performance centric in nature no matter what kind of motor-sport you’re into. These hard tires give great traction to soft materials and have a wide contact patch that makes them a good track tire. Remember, if you are going to deflate your tires to cross the rocky parts, it is best to turn on the tire inflator before returning back home.

Federal Kurgia M / T radial off-road tires

Considering budget-friendly off-road tires for SUVs and Trucks, this is as good as it gets. Though they are
a little louder than some average racing tires while driving on the highway, but overall they provide good enough off-road grip and are completely adequate for performing over muddy conditions.

If serious off-road tires for Trucks and SUV’s are required for fulfillment of your driving goals, they won’t be our top pick, but if you live in a more remote area where the truck always needs to be in the field or in a remote area, they are a perfect fit .

Dick Sepek Extreme Country Tires

Despite their average-looking trade pattern, these Dick Sepak tires are well respected for their very reasonable road performance. They also come at a very attractive price range.
However, they run out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-roading vehicle is also your daily drive. Pull up a lift kit, buy a set of these bad boys and you’re all set to face anything.

Pro Low Extreme MT2 Radial off-road Tires

These Pro Comp off-road tires are not cheap, but they provide solid performance in mud as well as snow and will give you great mileage even on paved roads. As you can see from their website, Pro Comp is not unfamiliar with the off-road tires world.

Maxaxis Creepy crawler track tires

Creepy crawlers are capable to handle any type of rocks, sand and mud. Their eight-layer construction is great for puncture prevention. These off-road tires have a unique multi-blade knob design and suction port system for improved traction on slippery surfaces.

General Tire Grabber AT2 Tire

If you’ve to be on a desert trail or a sandy track, the General Grabber AT2 is worth a look โ€” especially if you’re trying to stay on a budget. They make more noise on the street than some above-mentioned options, but are a good entry-level option if you can handle the noise.

Nitto Trail Grappler M / T Off-Road Tires

The Nitto Grappler line offers a complete line of tires, ranging from slightly street-biased Terra grappler to more serious mud grappler. Trail Grapler is able to take you straight into the backwoods with absolutely no noise in the streets. According to Quad Bike Magazine, they are one of the coolest dirt tires available on the market.

Goodyear Wrangler with MT / With Kevlar Off-Road Tires

Goodyear’s top off-road tires for Trucks & SUVs are Kevlar Enhanced Bad Boy – Wrangler MT / R. Although the weight increases slightly when using superhard materials, this means that you are less likely to damage your sidewall when passing over boulders.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Off-Road Tires

The Discoverer STT Pro is Cooper’s most advanced tire. It provides good appearance, performance, and reliability for off-road use. These off-road tires feature a stone-resistant trade groove chamber that removes stones before puncture and an interior trade design reduces road noise and improves handling in different terrain.
For those who want to plan a trip into the muds, it has an asymmetrical cover that turns away the mud like a shovel so you can easily scrape off the muddy areas. You will be impressed by the off-road handling of the tires. These tires are great winter tires for those living in harsh climates. They can chew on snow and provide extra traction on snowy, icy slippery roads.

Toyo Open Country M / T off-road Tires

One of the biggest manufacturer of general tires,for all types of cars,trucks and SUVs. Although Toyos are best known for their on-road tires, they also offer hard ground off-road tires. They are beautiful and spacious with Notch to remove mud from the thread, and many reviewers have praised their impressive walking life and excellent snow grip off-road tires for SUVs & Trucks.

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