9 new Jeep upgrades that will turn your vehicle into a beast

Get your jeep upgrades ready for the end of the world

Recently Creating a proper off-road jeep upgrades has become a go-to job for many custom car shops across the country. Japanese tuner scene – gaining fame from The Fast and Furious franchise has taken a step backward, paving the way for a new obsession with building mean rough & tough jeeps like those present in the episodes of The Walking Dead.

Again, this is a love-or-hate trend, but if implemented correctly jeep upgrades can help you build an awesome 4×4 that can conquer any terrain, debris, or backyards with ease. Win whatever you can throw. Check out our upgrade selection and you’ll see some current products designed for the JK Wrangler, others for older TJ and YJ models.

When it comes to Jeep upgrades, a healthy lift and bigger wheels are certainly the first steps. Originally mentioned in our list of parts, Roundup Lift Kit, Rough Country has a wide range of lift kits to suit all your needs.

Pick up a modest 2.5 inch to 6-inch jeep upgrades will help you  lift for more clearance. This is a 4-inch lift kit From 1997 to 2002 for the Jeep Wrangler TJ has all the little things you need are available at an affordable price allowing you to upgrade to 33-inch tires without clearance issues.

Jeep upgrades

Jeep upgrades:Wrangler YJ Bushwacker Fender

Even with a lift kit, an accurate set of fender flares can always come in handy to fit big chunky tires for great jeep upgrades. Bushwacker offers a variety of flares, but these flat flares are the best option that comes If you are worried about posting. There are a few options available with a limited lifetime warranty.

Jeep upgrades:Interco Super Swamper TSL / Bogger Tires

The Super Swamper is one of the more aggressive best buy jeep upgrades mud tires that you can buy that is still street legal. They are suitable for severe off-road riding over soft mud, sand, and other loose surfaces. However, they wear out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-road vehicle is also used for driving daily.  With these tires and the lift kit mentioned above, your jeep upgrades will make your jeep ready to face anything.

Interco Super Swamper TSL-Bogger Tires

Jeep upgrades: Spydura Synthetic Rope along with 10-S Recovery Winch from ZEON

Although we have known for a while that Warne also sells aftermarket lighting for off-road applications, the brand is still here primarily known for their heavy-duty victories for jeep upgrades that have been used innumerable times to pull trapped Jeeps and other 4x4s out of the mud or dirt. This winch doesn’t come cheap, but it has a 10,000-pound of tensile strength that is bound to come in handy at one point or another.

Jeep upgrades: Go Rhino Jeep JK front bumper

A solid front bumper is a great way to add some mean attitude for your jeep upgrades. But it’s really more function rather than being a stilling element. This will give you a better assembly giving improved mounting points for winch, add hook points for your friends so you can get out of any troubles, and much more like installing additional lighting in the space, not to mention its pride having a Hardy Bumper.

Jeep upgrades:Rugged Ridge High-Mount Snorkel Kit XHD for 3.6L and 3.8L JK Wrangler

You can reach all the heights of the earth, but once you drop your car into the river you must be sure beforehand that your engine can pull air above the surface of the water, this is where the snorkel kit is most effective. It is an established fact that Installing the rugged ridge snorkel kit can be a bit tricky but make sure to install it before you cross a river, keeping you wet and the insides of your engine dry as a desert is its primary function.

Rugged Ridge High-Mount Snorkel Kit XHD for 3.6L and 3.8L JK Wrangler

Jeep upgrades: Anzo Rugged Vision Universal LED Off-Road Headlamp/headlight

Extra lighting in the area really saves the day. These are 3 / 4-inch units that run six high-intensity LEDs per housing seems like a great jeep upgrades. Having high power LEDs per housing, so if you have a plan to be out overnight, or even driving during losing daylight while returning back or going on a day trip, this light is really all you need.

Jeep upgrades: Wrangler JK-Rock hard 4x4 skid plate

Your jeep upgrades might require more than 6 inches of clearance, but that doesn’t prevent your vehicle from gouging a big hole into your jeep’s fuel tank while approaching a rocky section of trail inclined at the wrong angle. These skid plates are the hardest,toughest in the industry, and When it comes to things like this you certainly don’t go cheap on that.

Jeep upgrades: Wrangler JK-Rock hard 4x4 skid plate

Most off-road fanatics will agree that you probably don’t have enough space to pack your gear, and a rough and tumble roof basket like this one offered by Go Rhino is a great solution for every jeep upgrades or any SUV upgrades for those  who want to explore more remote areas, countryside, or rough terrain. This rack is great for strapping everything down from extra fuel to camping gear when you are heading towards an unknown, uncharted territory.

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