11 great brake kits to help keep you on the ground

If you increase the engine power, you have to increase the braking power along with it too. Don't worry here are some brake kits:-

This big brake kits will help you stop quickly. Proper braking is important to improve the vehicle’s performance. There is a certain amount of fun in revving the engine but you also need proper braking capabilities to cope with that raw speed.Braking at the proper time will also keep you safe from any accident.These large brake kits are a great way to make sure you have the stopping power you need. Here are a few handfuls of well known options, ranging from big names in the industry to Some of the best brake kits that will surely improve your ride.

Brembo GT-R Slotted Big Brake Kits

Best choice for performance and sports cars
Nobody is as big as a brand like Brembo when it comes to big brake kits. Now known as an OEM supplier, Brembo offers best in class brake kits for a wide range of performance vehicles from Mercedes-Benz to AMG producing trusted breaks in business for a long time now. The front brake kits offered by Brembo are available for multiple models having either a four-piston or six-piston configuration.

Brembo GT-R Slotted Big Brake Kit

Baer 6P Large Front Brake Kits

Best place for buying Baer 6P Big Front Brake kits.Whether we’re talking about a new high-performance sports car or old-school American muscle, there are various options to buy such as GM muscle cars of the ’60s and ’70s, including Camaro, Chevy, Nova, and even Firebird and GTO These high-performance kits are being designed by Baer.

Baer 6P Large Front Brake Kit

Flyin Miata Little Big Brake kits

Mazda Miatas -The best for Mazda.
Miata is its compact size and lightweight. You don’t have to try to stop him from screaming. Its compact brake kits have the Willwood Powerlight four-piston calipers features. Mazda Miatas brake kits not only improves the braking performance But is also lighter than the overall car’s weight.

Flyin Miata

Stoptech big brake kits front and rear

Best for BMW 335i
Stoptech big brake kits are the best for BMW 335i in terms of industry recognition,Stoptech has recently gained considerable recognition for its increased involvement in the world of racing. Stoptech Front and Rear Big Brake Kits are being designed to fit the BMW E9x 335i Model Series A floating two-piece rotors, steel braided brake lines, Six-piston front caliper and four-piston rear caliper As an added bonus turner Motorsport is also launching a new Passport Radar Detector at no extra cost.

Stoptech big brake kit front and rear

Stoptech big brake kit front and rearLarge Front Brake Kits Wilwood Light Dynalite for Acura and Honda

Most suitable for Honda / Acura
The nice thing about the entry level car models is that performance upgrades sometimes come at a price which is significantlys lesser than the larger and faster vehicles. Wilwood Big Brake Kits is designed for Honda Civic and Acura Integra are good examples of adaptability and provide great stopping power without breaking your budget.

Large Front Brake Kits Wilwood Light Dynalite for Acura and Honda
Dynatrac Program High-Performance Brake kits System

The late Jeep JK is the best for the Wrangler model.
Road braking is important, but equally important in the off-road world – especially on steep hills. These brake kits are designed for the Jeep Wrangler model between 2007-2017. It has been shown to reduce stopping distances by up to 30%.

Dynatrac Program High-Performance Braking System

AP Racing 4 Piston Brake Kits for Subaru WRX

Ideal for Subaru WRX
Subaru WRX STI comes with excellent factory brake kits settings -Lots of Trackday fans have been commenting on how fast they burn for years. Pads and spins are very sharp. In this kit, AP Racing used thicker pads . Additionally, multiple lightweight rotors increase durability and significantly reduce rollover weight.

AP Racing 4 Piston Brake Kits for Subaru WRX
Ford GT500 Racing Mustang Brake Changes

Perfect for the latest Mustang
Manufacturers accept the best performing components and offer them in a narrow range of models. Thanks to Ford Racing for the Shelby GT500, all Mustang owners can have a Mustang GT, Brit, or Boss model with the same Neck brakes like the Big Shelby are very reasonably priced compared to other options we’ve seen.

KSport ProComp Big Brake Kits

Great for building budget-conscious, high-powered vehicles
Let’s face it—horsepower upgrades are expensive and don’t always save $3,000 to $6,000 when braking. Fortunately, there are brands like KSport. It offers quality brakes at a reasonable price. These kits are available in 6-piston and 8-piston configurations with lightweight aluminum calipers. Two-piece rotors, such as the more expensive offerings from Brembo and Stoptech.

KSport ProComp Big Brake Kits

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

Great for classic mop muscle cars
Switching to bigger Disc brakes is one thing, but quite another on many classic cars.
little more involvement in the process. Whether or not your car got drum brakes from the factory. It’s useful to know that you can always order a kit with the stopping power you need without worrying and without being stuck scratching your head on how to make it all bolt together.

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

Power Stop Truck and Towing Great Brake Kits

Ideal for trucks and transportation
We spend a lot of time upgrading high-performance cars. but this is not
Only for those who sometimes need big brakes. For the accustomed heavy truck owner. There’s nothing scarier than rolling down a big mountain with a trailer and heavy luggage. The brakes are overheating. This affordable power stop upgrade for your F-150, Ram, or Silverado is the braking force needed to prevent this from becoming a reality.

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

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