How to Find the Best Motor Oil or Engine oil

Wow Auto Experts will certainly help you find the best motor/Engine oil for your car.

For some people, choosing the right Motor oil or Engine oil for your car can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to help!

You might think that motor oil is like cooking oil, and would be a relatively easy job to find the perfect motor oil that your car needs – but unfortunately reality is a lot different. We don’t want to flatter you with technical geeky nomenclature or give you a chemistry class on how friction modifiers work. Fortunately, our loyal customers at Wow Auto Experts and many pro level Car Drivers already know this. Once you’ve narrowed down your vehicle’s required viscosity (odd numbers like motor oil 5w30, motor oil 10w40, and 15W40, etc.) and whether you’re using synthetic oil, you can choose the amount you want and, more importantly, the brand of vehicle.

Each of these top motor oil brands invests a lot of time and resources in testing their oils and experimenting with different additives to ensure that their oils will protect your engine for as long as possible.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of brand-loyal motorists who swear by their choice, routinely driving hundreds of thousands of miles without ever experiencing engine failure. So we have to ask – what’s in the secret recipe? or if you want to know motor oil price ,Let’s find out below!

Mobil 1 Motor Oil

mobil 1 motor oil

Mobil 1 has long focused on performance and is proud to partner with motorsport. As the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR and the Official Lubricant Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, 
their motor oils are constantly being pushed to the limit, and there’s no doubt that they’re working hard to study the different effects of stress on them Product Capable, it is an important resource.

In our research, we also found that they are among the best oils for maintaining low viscosity at low temperatures.
What we find most interesting is their recent focus on tuning oils to work better with cars having turbocharged engines, which are becoming more common day by day. Gas mileage is a huge issue with turbocharged cars, and it looks like Mobil 1 is also paying close attention to improving it.

Dr. John Ellis, Valvoline founder is credited with inventing motor oil, so to say the brand has some history is an understatement. Starting with the steam engine and then supplying the Model T with Motor oil was just the beginning. Now, Valvoline has focused on making oils for high mileage engines more broadly and also providing support to motorsports.

Within the high mileage segment, Valvoline is one of the few car manufacturers to offer an interesting engine warranty. If your engine has 125,000 miles or less, you can register your vehicle for a program that, based on a set of eligibility requirements, means Valvoline will give your engine some warranty as long as you adhere to the oil-service guidelines.

AmazonBasic Motor Oil

Amazon delivers electronics, home appliances, work supplies, groceries, and apparel right to your door. So you shouldn’t be surprised that the retail giant also sells its own motor oil. You may already be familiar with the AmazonBasics brand for buying generic versions of electronic accessories like chargers, cables, or AA batteries. Now the brand covers many small items from microwaves to bed frames to bath towels and now motor oil.

As far as the engine oil or motor oil is concerned, you don’t have to worry about it harming your car’s engine or the car’s performance will not be affected. Like the other more expensive oil brands on our list, AmazonBasics motor oils are approved and verified by Dexos1 Gen 2, API SN, and ILSAC GF-5. A Forbes writer said he used it at his last oil change service and found “no difference in performance, horsepower or milage.” compared to the more expensive oil he used regularly. Still not convinced?

Blackstone Laboratories analyzed thousands of cars to test to determine whether motor oils of certain brands of oil contain more metallic wear particles that can affect engine life. Finally, it was added by him that – “As long as the oil weight and certifications match what your car needs, there’s no point in splurging for a brand name motor oil .”
Oddly enough, Amazon’s new private label motor oil is shipped by Warren Distribution in Omaha, Nebraska. Many premium brands like Polar, MAG 1, ACCEL Premium, Craftsman Lubricants, and Gumount are included in its portfolio. It is also said to be a similar supplier of affordable super tech motor oil to Walmart. So if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get oil, this is definitely worth considering.

Castrol Motor Oil or Engine Oil

Castrol Motor Oil

Along with other oil brands we recommend, Castrol enters the group as a well-rounded “yes, we do that” brand. In the racing corner, Castrol rubs shoulders with sponsor teams in everything from NHRA drag racing to the World Rally Championship to German Touring Car racing.

They also make premium, high-mileage oils designed to help the oil last longer in engine components — even if your engine isn’t cranked for long periods of time. Apart from that, it is a regular choice for many automakers and covers almost the top lists
One thing that caught our attention was a very smart oil selector tool that lets you enter your car’s make and model and tell you what oil you want your car to use. It’s not always easy to find, so it’s good to see oil manufacturers starting to look for the best oil for their motorcycles.

Total Motor Oil

Total Motor Oil is more common in Europe than in the United States, but the brand has come a long way to ensure that the American public is familiar with its name and reputation. They recently became the main sponsor of the International Motorsport Association racing series.

Anyone who has done motorsport outside of the US will be more familiar with Total. The brand has been a sponsor of the Red Bull Formula 1 team and a Citroen petrol sponsor in every rally championship since the 90s. The great thing about this motorsport partnership is that Total can see how its oils perform in the harshest conditions while testing new ways to improve oil performance and longevity. Our top recommendation: Total INEO Long Life, because it has the latest specs and is known as the “new generation” oil within Europe.

Pennzoil Motor oil

Pennzoil’s mainstay in the motor oil market is keeping engines clean and free of sludge and other deposits. The less sludge in the engine and the freer the parts, the better the performance and fuel efficiency. Pennzoil has an interesting breakdown of the many types of oil, as well as tips for changing your own.
The brand has worked tirelessly to build a number of relationships with automakers, including bids to become the official Motor oil/ Engine oil supplier of BMW and Ferrari. 

Part of this new relationship resulted from a very interesting marketing campaign featuring some impressive high-performance cars from Rhys Millen at the Nürburgring’s track in Germany.

Amsoil synthetic motor oil

Amsoil has an interesting background as it was the company of the previous Fighter Commander in 1972. They produced the world’s first synthetic oil recognized by the American Petroleum Institute, and to this day are one of the few oil companies in the United States – still an independent, family-owned business. 

Amsoil has long been recognized – especially in motorsport – as a great choice for performance. They sponsor a wide variety of racing events, from motocross, Sprint Cup, and off-road truck events in the United States to the Canadian Snocross racing series north of the border.

Quaker Motor Oil

Quaker Motor Oil

Since its inception, nobody seems to care as much about the long-term life of the engine as Quaker does. The brand offers a range of different mineral, synthetic, and fully synthetic motor oil for vehicles that have already been driven for several kilometers.

It’s great to have a good maintenance routine from day one of owning a car. But it’s good to know that there are already some alternatives for some worn-out engines.
Our top picks: Ignore high mileage oils because if you read the reviews you’ll see they have hundreds of happy fans in 200-300k mile cars.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil/engine Oil

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple is not as well known or widely sold as mentioned above, but a series of independent tests have shown that Royal Purple is able to compete with the big players in the industry.

Over the past few years, descriptions of all shapes and sizes have lapped up Royal Purple, and testing results from classic car display facilities to folks who are into hot rod magazines to new creations at the Force Truck to create fuel-efficient motors, Gear oil, and Transmission oil.

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