Off-road tires for Trucks or SUV s

Best in class off-road tires for SUV's & Trucks

Super Swampers are a more aggressive form of mud tires that you can buy and they are also off-road tires for SUVs and Trucks. Clearly, if you do too much off-roading on mud, sand, or other types of loose surfaces. These tires are a perfect choice for your Off-Roading Beast.
However, they run out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-roading vehicle is also your daily drive. Pull up a lift kit, buy a set of these bad boys and you’re all set to face anything.

BFGoodrich manufactures a wide range of off-road tires for Trucks and SUVs and all-terrain tires. Helps Maintain a solid balance between off-road traction and road stability.
Tough sidewalks mean you don’t have to roll over and be stunned when cornering
Cobblestone roads and a nice chunky trade pattern mean you can still get traction on country roads.

Goodyear Fierce Attitude M / T Off-Road Tires

off-road tires

Launched in 2009, Goodyear’s Fierce Attitude M / T is designed to deliver improved performance without sacrificing the on-road performance in muddy and loose terrain. These belong to the so-called mid-range in terms of price and are great value for money without some downside possessed by other entry-level budget tires.

Mickey Thompson Baja Cl TTC radial off-road tires

Mickey Thompson makes great off-road tires that are performance centric in nature no matter what kind of motor-sport you’re into. These hard tires give great traction to soft materials and have a wide contact patch that makes them a good track tire. Remember, if you are going to deflate your tires to cross the rocky parts, it is best to turn on the tire inflator before returning back home.

Federal Kurgia M / T radial off-road tires

Considering budget-friendly off-road tires for SUVs and Trucks, this is as good as it gets. Though they are
a little louder than some average racing tires while driving on the highway, but overall they provide good enough off-road grip and are completely adequate for performing over muddy conditions.

If serious off-road tires for Trucks and SUV’s are required for fulfillment of your driving goals, they won’t be our top pick, but if you live in a more remote area where the truck always needs to be in the field or in a remote area, they are a perfect fit .

Dick Sepek Extreme Country Tires

Despite their average-looking trade pattern, these Dick Sepak tires are well respected for their very reasonable road performance. They also come at a very attractive price range.
However, they run out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-roading vehicle is also your daily drive. Pull up a lift kit, buy a set of these bad boys and you’re all set to face anything.

Pro Low Extreme MT2 Radial off-road Tires

These Pro Comp off-road tires are not cheap, but they provide solid performance in mud as well as snow and will give you great mileage even on paved roads. As you can see from their website, Pro Comp is not unfamiliar with the off-road tires world.

Maxaxis Creepy crawler track tires

Creepy crawlers are capable to handle any type of rocks, sand and mud. Their eight-layer construction is great for puncture prevention. These off-road tires have a unique multi-blade knob design and suction port system for improved traction on slippery surfaces.

General Tire Grabber AT2 Tire

If you’ve to be on a desert trail or a sandy track, the General Grabber AT2 is worth a look — especially if you’re trying to stay on a budget. They make more noise on the street than some above-mentioned options, but are a good entry-level option if you can handle the noise.

Nitto Trail Grappler M / T Off-Road Tires

The Nitto Grappler line offers a complete line of tires, ranging from slightly street-biased Terra grappler to more serious mud grappler. Trail Grapler is able to take you straight into the backwoods with absolutely no noise in the streets. According to Quad Bike Magazine, they are one of the coolest dirt tires available on the market.

Goodyear Wrangler with MT / With Kevlar Off-Road Tires

Goodyear’s top off-road tires for Trucks & SUVs are Kevlar Enhanced Bad Boy – Wrangler MT / R. Although the weight increases slightly when using superhard materials, this means that you are less likely to damage your sidewall when passing over boulders.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Off-Road Tires

The Discoverer STT Pro is Cooper’s most advanced tire. It provides good appearance, performance, and reliability for off-road use. These off-road tires feature a stone-resistant trade groove chamber that removes stones before puncture and an interior trade design reduces road noise and improves handling in different terrain.
For those who want to plan a trip into the muds, it has an asymmetrical cover that turns away the mud like a shovel so you can easily scrape off the muddy areas. You will be impressed by the off-road handling of the tires. These tires are great winter tires for those living in harsh climates. They can chew on snow and provide extra traction on snowy, icy slippery roads.

Toyo Open Country M / T off-road Tires

One of the biggest manufacturer of general tires,for all types of cars,trucks and SUVs. Although Toyos are best known for their on-road tires, they also offer hard ground off-road tires. They are beautiful and spacious with Notch to remove mud from the thread, and many reviewers have praised their impressive walking life and excellent snow grip off-road tires for SUVs & Trucks.

Semiconductor Shortage:

Everything about the semiconductor Shortage Affecting the Auto Industry

The global automotive industry has been rattled due to semiconductor shortage. Leading automakers report states that production losses of go up to 40 percent due to these disruptions. In response to the shortage of such semiconductor chips, the US government has introduced a number of initiatives for the United States, including the Chips (Manufacturing Auxiliary Incentive for Semiconductors Manufacturing) Act.

Semiconductors, sometimes known as integrated circuits (ICs) or microchips, are made up of pure material (usually silicon or germanium) or compounds such as gallium arsenide. Semiconductors devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Semiconductors applications include consumer electronics such as cell phones, laptops, computers, telecommunications, 5G, cloud computing infrastructure, and automobile.

In today’s technologically advanced vehicles, semiconductor devices are used for important tasks such as sensing, security functions, etc. For power management, display, and vehicle control. The growing use of semiconductors in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) is currently growing significantly, with more than 1 million EVs added worldwide last year.Today’s deficits for semiconductor shortage or chip shortage for cars at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic when the demand for cars was declining. However the semiconductor shortage has not affected high performance or expensive parts .

Table of Contents

 Today’s deficits can be attributed to the semiconductor shortage used in cars at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for cars was declining. However, the production of high-performance chips has not stopped. As the global workforce moves to remote work environments and quarantine due to the epidemic, the demand for consumer electronics, smartphones, laptops, and monitors has increased. Big Semiconductor manufacturers prefer to make chips for these electronics rather than cars.

semiconductor shortage

Semiconductor components consist of wafers like materials such as silicon, gallium arsenide, or silicon carbide substrate. Sophisticated nano-scale fabrication techniques are used to store and remove components in a controlled manner through hundreds of fabricated steps in order to create the ultimate semiconductor chip, often with nuclear precision. Semiconductor devices are made in special facilities called clean rooms, which require ultra-clean air circulation. 

Reducing particulate matter in clean air is important because particulate matter can cause small (nano) errors in the production process. Cleanroom are used semiconductor fabrication equipment (often referred to as wafer fab equipment or WFE) is expensive. The complex manufacturing process of semiconductor chips is about $ 500 billion in industry and it is expected to grow. Semiconductor devices perform a variety of functions, such as microprocessors, switches, lights or thermal sensors, and signal amplification – all of which are applicable to modern vehicles.

Effect of semiconductor shortage & WHY are these ICs so important?

Here are some of the uses of semiconductor in automobile: which will make you understand why and where ICs are used and why the semiconductor shortage has bought all major automobile companies to their knees.

Semiconductor shortage affecting  Safety and driver assistance: In modern vehicles, semiconductor components support safety and semi-autonomous driver assistance. Smart functions are implemented by semiconductor or IC devices including blind-spot detection systems, rear-view cameras, anti-collision sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane-change assist, airbag deployment sensors, emergency braking, and so on.

Semiconductor shortage affecting Electronics for the Vehicle: Many vehicle control functions have now shifted towards electricity instead of using mechanical systems. Semiconductor are the so-called brain of these electronics components. This electrification helps improve the combustion efficiency of hybrid and electric vehicle engines or battery management systems, supports energy recovery in regenerative braking systems, and supports electric vehicle technology.

Connection and entertainment:  As Modern vehicles are increasingly using connectivity technology to enable Internet connectivity, GPS, route and road closure maps, and emergency services along with new and improved infotainment systems, screens, and also featured ORVM’s. All these functions are carried on by semiconductor components. That is why semiconductor shortage has crippled the automotive industry .

EVs, Future vehicles with semi/fully autonomous driving abilities: Semiconductor Shortage has the most effect on EV’s , since most of its functions require a semiconductor as EV’s should have a human perceptual abilities such as visual tracking. Semiconductor devices are important for capturing and processing captured data using powerful onboard computing systems that provide reliable, accurate, and timely control systems onboard. This human-like perception is enabled by imaging cameras, sensors, radar, light detection, and ranging and ultrasonic sensors.

EVs, Future vehicles with semiorfully autonomous driving abilities

this is why the semiconductor shortage has shaken the world, with increasing control and adoption of electric vehicles, there is a growing need to develop charging capabilities to charge the electric vehicle using either a power source or a battery. Semiconductor play an important role in fast charging, fast charging is a crucial feature used in charging one electric car in minutes. In addition, then there are portable charge carriers in the form of semiconductor solar cells or photovoltaic cells. While charging infrastructure are more likely to be installed in cities and interconnected within a grid of other charging facilities along with the local electricity provider for a given radius, there are still concerns about power outages in highway or off-grid locations and certainly a hill station. Depending on the geographical location and the availability of sunlight, solar panels can help create clean energy for charging electric vehicles.

Using such solar energy power charging stations can also help reduce the load on electrical grids. There are two ways to charge an electric vehicle using a solar cell. The first method uses solar cells for the charging stations. Drivers and passengers can use this charging station and take a short break road while their cars are being charged. The second method uses solar cells assembled in electric vehicles to generate electricity in cars. Ongoing research shows that vehicle-integrated photovoltaics have significant advantages, even in locations with seasonal sunlight. Such concepts are currently being developed in prototype form, as evidenced by the concept car created by Fraunhofer ISE. Manufacturers are working to integrate solar cell modules into cars for the future. But all these ramification require a lot of semiconductors and the world is now facing a Semiconductor Shortage.

Semiconductors play an important role in modern vehicles with multiple functions including safety, electronics, communication, and connection. As hybrid and electric vehicles become more common day by day on our roads in the future, the use of semiconductors in cars is expected to increase. Also, semiconductors in the form of power devices and solar cells are creating the charging infrastructure needed to power all-electric vehicles. This is why the automotive market is quite shaken at this moment and namely all major automakers have faced some or kind of loss due to this semiconductor shortage.

Toppling and hampering the production of cars for every carmaker around the world.

semiconductor shortage

Around the world,  due to semiconductor shortage car assembly lines are going silent, workers sit idly, and dealership parking lots are appearing to be empty. Semiconductor shortage, small but important chips used to calibrate car fuel injections, running infotainment system or be the brain for cruise control .Auto manufacturing of power infotainment systems at General Motors plant in Kansas City shut down last February due to semiconductor shortage and has yet to be commissioned.

Mercedes-Benz has started stockpiling chips for more expensive models and temporarily closed factories that make cheaper C-Class due to semiconductor shortage. Porsche warned U.S. dealers this month that customers would have to wait at least another 12 weeks to get their cars because they have Semiconductor shortage or chip shortage used to monitor tire pressure. French automaker Peugeot, part of the newly formed automaker Empire Stalantis, has even replaced the old-fashioned analog speedometer with digital units in some models. 

Disruption could not have come at a much worse time. The demand for cars has come back strongly from the Pandemic recession, consumers are willing to spend the money they have saved over the past two years. They are also eager to travel by road and avoid air travel as much as possible. Semiconductor supply is depriving carmakers of the opportunity to make up for lost sales.Due to the robust demand situation and also being more held back by the semiconductor shortage issue of chip shortage said by OLA Kallenius- Daimler chief executive.

Some automakers, such as Renault, have begun to pick up their chips and save for more expensive models that carry more miles. Renault’s deputy chief Executive officer Clotide dalebos said that they have found an intelligent way by prioritizing cars with higher margins to deal with this crisis. Some buyers may be lucky enough to bring a new car home but may lack the option to use some specialized chips. Porsche has already announced to its U.S. dealers that it will not be able to offer high-end seats for the MACAN SUV for the next few months. Which can be adjusted in 18 different ways and is a popular upgrade. They require a certain type of semiconductor chip which is not available in the market at this moment.

Why there is still a chip shortage/semiconductor shortage?

The chip shortage will continue to plague the auto industry in 2022, but the good news is that the problem is expected to improve over time. In addition to the devastating deaths, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live, from travel and education to the way people work. This pandemic has had a significant and unfortunate impact on the automotive industry,
This has disrupted the global supply chain and severely affected vehicle production. But perhaps nothing more has brought car companies to their knees than the constant semiconductor shortage , which remains a major concern for the last two years after the coronavirus spread around the world.

For a myriad of important reasons, chip shortages remain a big problem said Sam Fiorani, vice president of global auto forecasting at Auto Forecast Solutions. Automakers from the large ones to their smaller counterparts are still suffering from a severe shortage of semiconductors, even the smallest components that are needed for the simplest cars and trucks. Everything from advanced driver-assistance features to infotainment systems to heated steering wheels is powered by one or the other computer chip, and as vehicles become more sophisticated, they will continue to do so in the future.

Toyota still faces hurdles affecting manufacturing. Their teams are working hard to reduce the impact on production. In North America, they expected about 25,000 to 30,000 fewer vehicles produced last February shared by automakers during a roadshow. The good news is that Toyota does not expect this cut to affect employment. General Motors faces a similar challenge. Late last year, the company confirmed that it was unable to deliver. Some features of many of its new models are due to the lack of chips, although it is going to get worse day by day. Fortunately, they do not currently have a North American working assembly plant that can do this.

Global semiconductor shortage are currently putting the auto market to stand still. The Detroit-based carmaker told Rhodeshow on the second shift of has resumed in Fairfax, Kansas factory, Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac X4 and home of Ramos Crisp, Mexico, where Chevrolet Blazers and Equinox SUVs are manufactured.

A big reason why automakers are not getting enough chips is that semiconductor makers favor smartphones, video game consoles, and other consumer electronics makers over electric vehicles and cars which tend to be more lucrative for customers:

echnician replacing power IC of smartphone motherboard

A modern car can easily have more than 3,000 sets of semiconductor chips. But car chips amount to only a certain portion of the demand is also a major reason for semiconductor shortage. TSMC is also known as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is one of the few manufacturers of a variety of car chips that are important for automation, but as of 2020, according to Roland Berger, a German consultancy company, sales for automakers grew by 3% only out of 20% off the company’s sales growth.

TSMC’s main customers are smartphone makers, which account for more than half of their sales. Smartphones outnumber cars by production units by a very wide margin. In 2019, before the pandemic hit the global economy, automakers produced 93 million vehicles, compared to 1.4 billion units of smartphones. Intelligence. Overall, chip shortages and other supply chain problems reduced vehicle production by 1.3 million units in the first three months of the year, according to a consultant named IHS Markit. The issue has now become a source of concern for most political leaders in Washington and other capitals.

German Economics Minister Peter Altmaier recently turned to his Taiwanian counterpart, the center of global semiconductor manufacturers, and at length asked the Taiwanese minister if he would arrange some vital chips from German automakers. A group of German economic research institutes warned in a joint report this month that chip shortages “have become a serious problem for producers, especially in the auto industry.”

The crisis has shown how dependent the auto industry is on a few certain suppliers, but also on the weakness of its disruption. Supply chain managers were shocked last month when a fire broke out at the Renaissance Electronics factory in Hitachi Nakar, north of Tokyo, and the factory shut down. Renesas Electronics is a leading supplier of chips used for monitoring braking operations, power steering control, airbag installation, and some other additional tasks. Regardless of their strategy, the decisions of chip companies will resonate far beyond their industry, affecting the high-tech, consumer goods and automotive companies that rely on them.

Weather also plays a role :

weather shutting down a plant in texas semiconductor shortage

Earlier this year, a hurricane in Texas forced the closure of three semiconductor factories aiding to the semiconductor shortage . Analysts at IHS Markets have warned in a recent report that Taiwan is in the grip of a severe drought. Chip production requires a lot of very pure quality water.

Even without Pandemic and Disruptions in the supply chain, the auto industry has been in kind of a downhill turmoil. In the United States, sales have stagnated since the early 2000s. Profit margin getting less and less for automakers. Some large automakers cannot even avoid switching to electric vehicles due to an increase in demand.

Role of Government:

White-House-summit-on semiconductor shortage

Manmohan S. teaches supply chain management at City Business School under the University of London said “If I were a chipmaker, I wouldn’t be investing in a new factory if I didn’t get free money from the government,”.

Free money might be on the way. On February 24, 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order for tackling the chip deficit crisis by exploring options to strengthen the chip supply chain. The White House also held a summit on chip shortage this month and proposed   $ 50 billion in infrastructure funding to offset the declining share of chip production off the U.S. coast. But new chip factories cannot be built overnight to meet the current deficit.

And useless government subsidies are of no use to these automakers, semiconductor manufacturers and other suppliers could probably build new factories in or near China or Korea, the largest auto market while the United States and Europe continue to grow. It is not clear exactly how long the chip shortage will last. Mr. Sodhi also said that he suspected the chip-makers were widening the gap in order to get subsidies from the government and that the crisis could be resolved within a month.

Roland Burger’s auto industry consultants were even more pessimistic, saying the deficit could continue throughout the year. On Thursday, Reynolds’ Mrs. Delbos said that the visibility is declining to determine the end of the chip crisis as new news is coming every day. Meanwhile, carmakers are making improvements to reduce losses. Daimler’s Mercedes unit allocates rare chips to its most expensive models, such as the company’s EQS luxury electric sedan revealed by the company last month, which is expected to start at around $ 100,000.

How did this happen?

The automotive industry employs some of the brightest and most persistent dreamers within any industry. They plan way ahead usually a year ahead including every detail to meet customer demand regarding safety and fuel economy standards. This is why the industry’s collective semiconductor error is so fatal. Schuster said he did not think anyone thought it would be a problem, although car companies should be aware of the potential risks.

Fiorani said, basically everything we buy contains chips. In the early days of the pandemic, automakers reduced semiconductor orders as sales were expected to decline sharply. OEMs or Original equipment manufacturers have mostly been moved out of the production line, and chip makers have redistributed factory space to more profitable and desirable things like iPhone and PlayStation chips and other products. Now that auto sales are heating up again, chip-makers can’t meet demand because their power has been taken away but, unfortunately, turning on the lights and restarting production is not easy.

US semiconductor shortage

Another problem that Fiorani points out is profitability. The auto industry needs older chips, semiconductor manufacturers less profit. Some parking sensors require a fraction of the processing power compared to that of an iPhone 13 Pro. Additionally, for safety reasons, automakers use proven designs, reliable chips that can be used for decades in all temperatures, humidity, and other conditions.

Whether it’s Nvidia, Texas Instruments, TSMC, or any other manufacturer, chipmakers are encouraged to create more advanced semiconductors at the expense of automated customers owing to the semiconductor shortage. LMC Automotive believes that things will become normal between 2022 and 2023.

Semiconductor Shortage leading to loss of pay and work :

This classification led Daimler to temporarily shut down a plant in Germany that produces low-cost C-Class Sedans. Most of the factory’s 18,500 workers were laid off by the end of April, but they continued to receive government-subsidized short-term work benefits.

Similarly, Volkswagen has stopped production at a plant in Germany that makes sedans and other combustion-engine models, and a plant in Mexico that makes Tiguan SUVs for the US market. But Zwickau, a German factory that makes ID.3 sedans and ID.4 SUVs from Volkswagen is all set to dominate the market and are also growing have not been affected by the chip shortage at all, according to the company.

Since the beginning of the year, GM has had to temporarily shut down production at least half a dozen of its plants, sometimes to make cars without electronics and to park them until further parts are available. Ford Motor said last month that it would shut down more U.S. factories that are experiencing a shortage of chips.

shutting down a plant in Germany semiconductor shortage


The auto industry has been crippled earlier too due to disruptions o the supply chain. Mr. Wallenius recalls a tornado that struck Puerto Rico and shut down production at several factories across the USA, which surprised him and almost everyone else since these factories were the only source of coating essential for some kind of automotive electronics.

Cars are made up of thousands of parts having some fixed suppliers, as well as sub-suppliers and sub-suppliers and even big automakers, are struggling to keep a track of each part in order.
The economy of this industry is such that only the manufacturer who sells a maximum number of their units can survive.
Small businesses die because they can’t produce cheap parts or materials like big companies, which makes the industry dependent on one or two large manufacturers for parts such as high-pressure fuel lines or special types of plastic.

The current semiconductor shortage may not be the last semiconductor shortage faced by the industry. The demand for semiconductor in the automotive industry is expected to explode with the growing popularity of electric vehicles increasingly relying on software rather than autonomous driving features and internal combustion engines.
However, Mr. Kallenius said it was not the most complex chip that was currently facing a shortage. They are missing the simplest chips that cost a few pennies or dollars preventing them to make and run a $ 75,000 car.

Global ramifications:

Car production was already declined significantly as of 2021 due to COVID-19 & chip shortage. According to Jeff Schuster, president of Americas Operations and Global Vehicle Forecasting at LMC Automotive, Ford was hit the hardest and very early. This is because a number of high-profile announcements have been made, including the redesigned F-150. According to Schuster, the Blue Oval missed out on about 1.25 million units last year.

But Ford was not the only automaker to face heavy losses due to semiconductor shortage. Volkswagen has withdrawn about 1.15 million vehicles planned for production, GM and Toyota have withdrawn about 1.1 million each, and Stellantis about 1 million vehicles. Not all companies got affected equally. Overall, Schuster said that Japanese and Korean OEMs are more isolated. They are close to China, where there are plenty of chips. As a result, Chinese manufacturers feel less impacted than their global competitors.

semiconductor shortage

The average inventory of consumer-owned computer chips, such as automakers and medical device makers, fell from 40% short of its demand in 2019 to less than 5% in 2021, according to a survey published by the U.S. Department of Commerce. stated that due to semiconductor shortage the results were devastating for the auto industry . The statement said the covid outbreak, natural disasters, or political unrest disrupted most foreign semiconductor factories the extent that some US manufacturing plants may close is also American workers are being laid off making their families vulnerable or at risk.

Solution for Microchips (taking care of Semiconductor shortage):

Still, there are options to ensure a reliable supply of auto-grade chips for the next coming year. Foreign companies can come up with facilities with large production capabilities or set up more plants in the United States. Both strategies are important to solve the problem, Schuster said, because global chip demand will grow, not just from the auto industry. Gaming, smartphones, and the growing Internet of Things will use more and more semiconductors in the coming years.

Making chips within the state is now an absolute necessity. The biggest problem is that one of these plants cannot be placed overnight. Fiorani explained that It takes months or even years to build a new facility with all resources in one place. Converting existing factories into chip factories is not really an option because they are highly specialized. Then there is the price tag amounting to $10 billion just to get started making the factory set up is a capital-intensive hurdle. Another option, however, is to form some kind of chip consortium for the auto industry. Fiorani said this could be the best way to avoid future supply shortages, but acknowledged that partnerships could be a big challenge for competing car companies.

Forecast: Cautiously optimistic

If all this is good news, the demand for vehicles remains strong and companies are able to sell any cars and trucks that can produce them. The chip deficit should be reduced this year, although LMC Automotive estimates it could be reduced, Schuster said.

Between 2022 and 2023, things are likely to be normalized regardless of the time frame COVID-19 continues its wrath throughout the world. Similarly, Fiorani said he expects everything to be fine in the second half of this year when car production could return to the pre-deficit era. There are some investments government can help the industry with such as stepping in and setting up to increase the output of automotive-grade Semiconductor chips. Obviously, plenty is still up in the air right now, but hopefully, the worst of the auto industry’s semiconductor shortage is for the rearview mirror.

Final words from our AUTO PARTS EXPERTS:

The Mexican Automobile Industry Association (AMIA) says the Mexican auto industry is also facing a chip shortage/ semiconductor shortage crisis as are its global counterparts. According to several surveys, this deficit is likely to return to normalize within this year, with chip supplies returning to pre-pandemic state within the second half of 2022. NEWS ON semiconductor shortage: Must come on Tuesday. “We expect the semiconductor deficit to stabilize this year and return to pre-pandemic levels within the second half of this year as stated by AMIA chief Fausto Cuevas for a news release last month.

Mexico’s auto production and exports fell as of January 2021, official data showed last month sales are falling for a the seventh month as the Covid-19 pandemic and semiconductor shortage/chip shortage had hit the industry. Restoring more general-purpose semiconductor supplies will allow Mexican automakers to decrease the semiconductor shortage. In our opinion, automakers tend to return to their previous level of power as long as there is a semiconductor shortage and lack of chip supplier present.


semiconductor shortage

Semiconductor shortage NEWS: Auto production fell by at least 2-5% in 2021 when compared to 2020, the fourth year in a row, as semiconductor deficits in recent months have prompted automakers to stop and reduce rolling throughout the world. Semiconductor shortage report from AMIA previously predicted that production would not return to pre-pandemic levels before 2023 or by the end of 2024.

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KSport ProComp Big Brake Kits

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

Great for classic mop muscle cars
Switching to bigger Disc brakes is one thing, but quite another on many classic cars.
little more involvement in the process. Whether or not your car got drum brakes from the factory. It’s useful to know that you can always order a kit with the stopping power you need without worrying and without being stuck scratching your head on how to make it all bolt together.

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

Power Stop Truck and Towing Great Brake Kits

Ideal for trucks and transportation
We spend a lot of time upgrading high-performance cars. but this is not
Only for those who sometimes need big brakes. For the accustomed heavy truck owner. There’s nothing scarier than rolling down a big mountain with a trailer and heavy luggage. The brakes are overheating. This affordable power stop upgrade for your F-150, Ram, or Silverado is the braking force needed to prevent this from becoming a reality.

Conversion kit for SSBC Disc brakes

For more details you can call us at 8882581747 {toll free} or mail us directly to an auto parts expert will contact you or help you find the exact brake kit fit for your vehicle .  You can also find any part for your car from our inventory of auto parts based on your vehicle’s make,model, year , VIN number.

9 new Jeep upgrades that will turn your vehicle into a beast

Recently Creating a proper off-road jeep upgrades has become a go-to job for many custom car shops across the country. Japanese tuner scene – gaining fame from The Fast and Furious franchise has taken a step backward, paving the way for a new obsession with building mean rough & tough jeeps like those present in the episodes of The Walking Dead.

Again, this is a love-or-hate trend, but if implemented correctly jeep upgrades can help you build an awesome 4×4 that can conquer any terrain, debris, or backyards with ease. Win whatever you can throw. Check out our upgrade selection and you’ll see some current products designed for the JK Wrangler, others for older TJ and YJ models.

When it comes to Jeep upgrades, a healthy lift and bigger wheels are certainly the first steps. Originally mentioned in our list of parts, Roundup Lift Kit, Rough Country has a wide range of lift kits to suit all your needs.

Pick up a modest 2.5 inch to 6-inch jeep upgrades will help you  lift for more clearance. This is a 4-inch lift kit From 1997 to 2002 for the Jeep Wrangler TJ has all the little things you need are available at an affordable price allowing you to upgrade to 33-inch tires without clearance issues.

Jeep upgrades

Jeep upgrades:Wrangler YJ Bushwacker Fender

Even with a lift kit, an accurate set of fender flares can always come in handy to fit big chunky tires for great jeep upgrades. Bushwacker offers a variety of flares, but these flat flares are the best option that comes If you are worried about posting. There are a few options available with a limited lifetime warranty.

Jeep upgrades:Interco Super Swamper TSL / Bogger Tires

The Super Swamper is one of the more aggressive best buy jeep upgrades mud tires that you can buy that is still street legal. They are suitable for severe off-road riding over soft mud, sand, and other loose surfaces. However, they wear out quickly, so we wouldn’t recommend them if your off-road vehicle is also used for driving daily.  With these tires and the lift kit mentioned above, your jeep upgrades will make your jeep ready to face anything.

Interco Super Swamper TSL-Bogger Tires

Jeep upgrades: Spydura Synthetic Rope along with 10-S Recovery Winch from ZEON

Although we have known for a while that Warne also sells aftermarket lighting for off-road applications, the brand is still here primarily known for their heavy-duty victories for jeep upgrades that have been used innumerable times to pull trapped Jeeps and other 4x4s out of the mud or dirt. This winch doesn’t come cheap, but it has a 10,000-pound of tensile strength that is bound to come in handy at one point or another.

Jeep upgrades: Go Rhino Jeep JK front bumper

A solid front bumper is a great way to add some mean attitude for your jeep upgrades. But it’s really more function rather than being a stilling element. This will give you a better assembly giving improved mounting points for winch, add hook points for your friends so you can get out of any troubles, and much more like installing additional lighting in the space, not to mention its pride having a Hardy Bumper.

Jeep upgrades:Rugged Ridge High-Mount Snorkel Kit XHD for 3.6L and 3.8L JK Wrangler

You can reach all the heights of the earth, but once you drop your car into the river you must be sure beforehand that your engine can pull air above the surface of the water, this is where the snorkel kit is most effective. It is an established fact that Installing the rugged ridge snorkel kit can be a bit tricky but make sure to install it before you cross a river, keeping you wet and the insides of your engine dry as a desert is its primary function.

Rugged Ridge High-Mount Snorkel Kit XHD for 3.6L and 3.8L JK Wrangler

Jeep upgrades: Anzo Rugged Vision Universal LED Off-Road Headlamp/headlight

Extra lighting in the area really saves the day. These are 3 / 4-inch units that run six high-intensity LEDs per housing seems like a great jeep upgrades. Having high power LEDs per housing, so if you have a plan to be out overnight, or even driving during losing daylight while returning back or going on a day trip, this light is really all you need.

Jeep upgrades: Wrangler JK-Rock hard 4x4 skid plate

Your jeep upgrades might require more than 6 inches of clearance, but that doesn’t prevent your vehicle from gouging a big hole into your jeep’s fuel tank while approaching a rocky section of trail inclined at the wrong angle. These skid plates are the hardest,toughest in the industry, and When it comes to things like this you certainly don’t go cheap on that.

Jeep upgrades: Wrangler JK-Rock hard 4x4 skid plate

Most off-road fanatics will agree that you probably don’t have enough space to pack your gear, and a rough and tumble roof basket like this one offered by Go Rhino is a great solution for every jeep upgrades or any SUV upgrades for those  who want to explore more remote areas, countryside, or rough terrain. This rack is great for strapping everything down from extra fuel to camping gear when you are heading towards an unknown, uncharted territory.

Miles You Can Drive With An Empty Tank

This simple handy chart shows how many kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank

kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank

Have you ever wondered what the low fuel warning light in your car actually means or how many kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank? Worry no more this helpful graphical chart shows you exactly how many miles are left when your fuel tank goes empty. A chart compiled by lists the top 50 cars sold in and around the United States since 2015. Everything from the Chevrolet Silverado to Ford Mustang is included, so there are chances your car might be present in the list.

For each model, a graph shows how much fuel is left after the low fuel indicator light is turned on and how many miles the car actually went before the gas ran out. So, the next time the Fuel meter light pops on, remember not to panic. Instead of sweating refer to the chart and you will get to know, you would be able to make it to the nearest resting point or gas station. Most cars have at least two gallons of the reserve, so you’ll probably make it based on chances before the tank goes completely dry.

kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank

kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank

kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank

kilometres/mile you can drive on empty tank